Body Confidence for Summer 

 May 8, 2021

By  counselingwithnatalie

Body dysmorphia is not as known as other mental disorders and it is when someone is preoccupied with an imagine physical defect or a minor defect that others cannot, or may not, truly see. Many of the issues is due to the person fixating on one thing and then having it be all they find themselves think about. One may think that he/she is “ugly” and will often try to avoid social exposure. They may also turn to plastic surgery to be able to try and fix what is bothering them.

The main areas of concern are skin, hair, facial, and body image. The skin may be affected by wrinkles, scars, acne, and blemishes. The hair is either the loss or too much of it anywhere on the body. Facial features can be the physical features like one’s nose, the shape, and the size of the features. Next is body weight or the shape, this can be thinking you weigh too much, or don’t like certain parts of your body, or muscle tone. The symptoms that are causes from having these issues are always looking in the mirror, picking at skin, trying to hide, or cover up. They begin to start measuring their body to make sure they are getting to where they want to be. Relationships then begin to fail because someone may not want to go out and hangout with people or will only talk about their appearance to make sure no one else notices it. This will cause friendships to deteriorate, and then the person will start thinking of surgery to be able to fix the defect that they think that have.

Treatments for body dysmorphia include a combination of things that will help the person to be able to be healthy and more confident. Psychotherapy is an option because the counseling service can focus on changing the thinking and behavior of a person’s everyday life. This will be able to help organize one’s thoughts and help and see the progress that needs to be made to be confident. Other ways to develop self-love and confidence include doing the things that make one happy, like journaling, working out, going on walks, being around loved ones, painting, and swimming. By surrounding onerself with loved ones one can receive the reassurance that one needs regarding body image and confidence. Everyone’s body is different, which will help others realize that everyone is perfect in their own ways. We all go through different things, have different genes, and different ideas of beauty.

This summer the world is finally becoming somewhat normal so go out there and wear the outfit or bathing suit you want. Most people are your biggest supporters even if you don’t know it. You deserve to feel confident in the way you look because your body is amazing and strong. It is always put through a lot and was able to keep you going through anything. So, show it you are proud and go out and be confident in everything you do! 🙂

Written by Jessica Moskal, Content Contributor






Confidence, Eating Disorders, Self-Care, Self-Esteem

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