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Depression Is Not Sadness

Envision the reality that you are drowning. Above you, the water’s surface is far off and daunting, at no less ...Keep Reading

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masking emotions

Emotional Masking: The Guilt That We All Share

The concept of a “mask” far precedes the current day. Present throughout the history of humanity, from their origins in ...Keep Reading

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perfectionism therapy

Olympian Struggles with Mental Health

This Summer the 2020 Olympics were faced with many struggles whether it was the athletes, the pandemic, and/or the stressors ...Keep Reading

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2020 Olympics on Mental Health

The 2020 Olympic games are successfully running despite its year-long delay due to the Corona virus. This year, many athletes ...Keep Reading

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tampa counselor

Do I Have a Problem with Eating?

When most people hear the word “anorexia” they think of a starving, wasted, emaciated person. While this is true in ...Keep Reading

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eating healthy

Building a Stronger State of Mind

Food is fuel for your physical health and mental health. When thinking of things to eat many only think of ...Keep Reading

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