Inner Child Trauma 

 December 11, 2021

By  counselingwithnatalie

The Emotionally Wounded Inner Child is when one is a child and they are emotionally and mentally injured, neglected, or even abused in the early years of their life. The family is not giving the right attention to the child causes them to feel like they are missing out or worthless. The child also may feel scared, helpless, and this will then cause heart pounding, or vomiting. Many times, as the child grows up, they may try to shut out these memories that they had. As one gets older, they may begin to despise the parents for treating them this way and not giving them a loving childhood.

As we get older, we do not get rid of the person we use to be. We simply carry it along with us as we get older but just have it on the inside. Your inner child is just your younger self and if you were wounded at that age then you will still have those scars with you as you get older. Some things to look out for as you get older is seeking for validation. This is a symptom because you do not want to ever feel neglected, so you need to know that people are there for you or like you. This is also very common because you may not know how to validate yourself. One may belittle or speak to themselves in a negative way. This causes you to need to have positive words, and thoughts from others. The wounded inner child also feels unlovable this is why as you get older you need people to tell you they are there for you, so you won’t get hurt like you once did.

Humans are intended to talk to others and speak up for themselves when needed to make sure they have others around them, and they are treating them right. Inner child trauma may cause an issue to this. This is because when you were a child you may have been yelled at for standing up for yourself or talking when you were supposed to. When these things happen it can cause a mental strain on our brain because then you do not think you have a voice and will continue with that as you get older. This then may later issues in life because you may let people talk over you or have it their way because you are too nervous to say anything. These are the main signs and symptoms that are able to show if someone has a wounded inner child.

Here are things to heal from the trauma to make sure that you have a happy life as you get older. The main thing would be recognizing the trauma that has happened that began to cause issues for you. This will be helpful to know what the cause was and how to heal and prevent it from happening again. Gaining your control back of your life and your voice. This will help you feel more confident in your life, and it will go how you want it to by saying how you truly feel about things. Talking to others through the issues is able to help put the feelings out there and not have to keep everything bottled up. This will also be able to help you realize the severity of the situation and ways to be able to heal from it even more. By doing these things your inner child will thank you for taking care of it. This will be able to give you a better life that you deserved to not be having trauma still be carried along with you. Many others have gone through these issues and have healed and became who they were meant to be, and it allowed them to be happier and do what they love the most. They also began to love themselves which was then they only need their own thoughts to help them through things and feel validated.

Written by Jessica Moskal, Content Contributor




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