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Walk Through Your Open Door

The visualization of walking up to a wall and knocking on it, no matter how gentle or how incessantly, seems quite ridiculous. I imagine myself even just standing off to the side of Publix’s entrance, facing the cement wall and hoping that it automatically slides open, allowing me to enter and complete my shopping. No matter how long I stood there facing the wall or tried my hardest to think positive thoughts and remain hopeful, the wall off to the side of Publix’s main entrance would never budge. Now, literally speaking, I know none of us would ever do such a thing (or we have a bigger issue on our hands!), but figuratively speaking, I’m sure we do this all of the time.

Have you ever wondered why life didn’t quite turn out how you had hoped it would? See many times we have great intentions, big plans for our lives, and the drive to accomplish a ton, but yet find ourselves frustrated at time lost, disappointed with what seemed like missed opportunities, and hopeless at what appeared to be closed doors.

Are you confident they were closed doors though, and not walls?

For those who know me personally, they would agree that I love for everything to be organized and for things to be in their proper places. At my center recently, I so desperately wanted to move a large bookshelf from one side of the office to another side. (It made perfect sense, in my mind, to have all of the resources in one main location!) As I attempted to move the large bookshelf on my own (emphasis on large!), it quickly became apparent that either I would have to settle on it staying where it had always been or asking for some assistance. See a job that size was impossible to complete, in my own strength. And isn’t that how life can be sometimes? Trying to mend a broken family, move up in your company, or start that small business you’ve been dying to launch, can often feel like we are up against a large wall that won’t budge – an impossible feat.

Remember, though, that with God, all things are possible. Surrender it to Him and wait expectantly for your door to open.

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