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Wrestling with Weariness?


As I sit here I’m confused. How can someone who has experienced so much in the last week stare at a blank page and not be able to think of anything to write about. Let me assure you, it is not because I don’t have any content: I could easily write about the 5k run I have this Sunday, one that I haven’t properly prepared for, and could use this as an example of how people often do what I’ve done with this race…not properly preparing spiritually for life’s obstacle course, finding themselves struggling the day life is suddenly upon us. Or I could begin to share how my dog loves to stand on my knee while I drive and look out the window as if he is on the highest peak of the largest mountaintop, and equate that to how we sometimes think our obstacles are the largest of mountains but yet to God are the small knees of Life.

So I ask myself once again, how is it that I feel like I’m aimlessly searching for a story to tell or a question to ask, as if nothing has transpired all week? I believe it’s because I feel tired. So today this will serve more as a lesson to share.

In today’s life, we all live full-throttled lives. Yes, although some people’s plates may be larger than others, all of our plates are full – full of endless demands, unrealistic expectations, imperfect relationships, the stretches marks of personal growth, and the constant evolution of purpose and passion. Tiredness is usually the warning sign that more attention is being given to completing, accomplishing, and “crossing off of the list” than enjoying this day, hour, and moment.

God could’ve easily completed all creation and then sat back to admire it all upon completion, but instead He created in intervals, and marveled in intervals. After creating the light “God saw that the light was good.” After creating the land and the seas He “saw that it was good.” And so on…


Take the time today to stand back, admiring life as it is, and see that it is good.