Are you seeking lasting change in your life? Natalie Rosado, LMHC is here to help you.

  • Life sometimes gets difficult to handle alone. Counseling is a safe place where you can comfortably share things with someone and receive guidance, a clear perspective, and much needed support. If you are in a place right now where life seems bleak, overwhelming, or you feel lost and confused, don't wait another day. Call today.

  • Are you and your partner drifting apart? Is your relationship no longer how it used to be? Do you need clear direction on next steps? All marriages go through difficult seasons. Sometimes marriages are affected a decision made by one of the spouses and other times it's hard to pinpoint where the problem began. If you silently agreed to any of these statements, couples counseling is what you need.

  • As clinicians it is imperative to consult other clinical professionals to ensure that we are providing the most beneficial and empirically supported treatment. It is highly recommended that every practicing counselor work within a team. Provide your clients with the best treatment and do not practice in isolation.

  • Clients have often asked for ideas on ways they may maintain their positive growth in between sessions and/or after sucessfully completing counseling. The Live Whole Box is the first PERSONALIZED self-care box that will be delivered right to your door. Each box will include helpful tips to cope with stress, goodies to help improve your day to day life, and much more! Click here for more info.

First self-care subscription box of it's kind. Personalized for you.

  • Client Reviews

    "My experience with Natalie has been extremely helpful. She is a constant encourager and always continues to check up on me even when we are not in session. She has given me advice for many different situations and she is the best counselor I have seen. At first I was weary going to a counselor but I was very happy with my experience with Natalie." Client M.C

  • Client Reviews

    "I have been very pleased to have had Natalie work with my teenage daughter. She is a great listener and reaches to the most important needs to achieve solutions. She is very respectful, joyful and motivational, but most importantly she has been able to build up confidence and guide my daughter to a better understanding of her feelings. I am truly pleased with her services." Mother of Client J.P.

  • Client Reviews

    "Natalie is a gift to our teen daughter! From the first phone call, I knew she would be a good fit. She is attentive, communicative, and practical. My daughter loves her visits with Natalie." Mother of Client M.H.

  • Client Reviews

    "Meeting Natalie was truly a miracle. Consistently meeting with her helped me grow as a person. Natalie was so genuine, and caring about my personal growth that it helped me realize that I can achieve everything and anything I put my mind too. Without Natalie I truly don’t know where I’d be." Client R.J.

  • Client Reviews

    "Natalie has a way of effectively communicating with teenage girls and building relationships quickly. She is able to open lines of communication which helps her to identify issues and work with her clients. A quote from our teen daughter: 'She is nice, gentle and our conversations flow.' Natalie also does a good job of getting parents involved in discussions." Mother of Client M.K.


"The quality of life lies in your perspective of it." Natalie

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